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In 2017 AnxietyBC asked us to help them with the development of a new visual identity system and website. Further, AnxietyBC had identified the need to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the brand moving forward, including a new name and positioning line.


We began this project by conducting a comprehensive and in-depth internal & external stakeholder research initiative. These sessions were held with key groups of staff and external stakeholders, to gather insight and information. Based on the findings and results of this initiative, we concluded a new name was necessary. After going back to the same participants, and seeking out new ones, we settled on “Anxiety Canada” as the new moniker for the organization.


Once a name was settled on, we crafted a new brand identity that reflected the experience of anxiety, while offering hope to those afflicted. The frantic patterns around the icon are the overwhelming symptoms of anxiety, while the empty shape of the ‘A’ depicts a calm, peaceful state. The logo succinctly described the challenge and the goal for those that experience anxiety.


The existing website had a plethora of useful information for people suffering from anxiety, however this content wad badly organized which made it overwhelming to navigate through. The challenge was to migrate this content and incorporate into the new website in a coherent and logical manner; we also had to build a separate website for their popular self-help tool: My Anxiety Plan. We solved this problem using a simplified navigation combined with a thorough tagging system for all articles. We also enlisted Archive Digital to ensure that SEO was maintained in the transition from the old site to the new site.


About the Client

Anxiety Canada (formerly AnxietyBC™) is a registered charity established in 1999 by a group of concerned individuals, family members, and health professionals. The association’s mission is to promote awareness of anxiety disorders and support access to proven resources and treatment.

They are a leader in developing free online, self-help, and evidence-based resources on anxiety and anxiety disorders and promote understanding about anxiety and anxiety disorders through general information sessions, professional seminars and workshops, offered throughout the year.  They are also the developers of the free MindShift app which helps youth and young adults manage anxiety, using step-by-step strategies based on psychological treatment.

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