Art Meets Chocolate

Art Meets Chocolate was created by an art-loving chocolatier. The goal was to fuse the creativity of artisan chocolate making with the inspired talents of local Vancouver artists, while showcasing the unique feel of various Vancouver and British Columbian neighbourhoods. 

We designed a master wrap that features a diecut window revealing the profiled art and artist on an insert card. The designed packaging system allows for dozens of artists to be profiled as it is printed as short run digital with matching labels containing the product information and UPC.

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Art Meets Chocolate Logomark

Various Vancouver Neighborhoods

various vancouver neighborhoods

Assorted Packaging

Art Meets Chocolate Bars

Packaging Insert - Details

Chocolate Packaging Details

Assorted Bars

Assorted chocolate bars

Artwork by local artists

Assorted Art by local artists

Business Cards

Art Meets Chocolate Business Cards Print

graphic standards

Art meets chocolate graphic standards
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