Bard on the Beach

We helped create a fresh new visual brand for Bard on the Beach that is inspired by both its legendary Shakespearean roots and the way the Vancouver theatre organization is seen and valued in the community today. The new look grows out of wide-ranging research and exploration into how the 29-year-old Festival is perceived by its own fans and followers, and by the larger local community and beyond. Guided by that research and feedback, we designed a refreshed look for the summer Festival and for its year-round Educational division, including a new logo and sub-logos, new season materials, and changes to the Bard website and its social media spaces.  The core of the new design concept is a silhouette representing Bard’s iconic theatre tents, where almost 1.7 million patrons have been entertained over the past three decades. It evokes the unique Bard experience of being in a spectacular natural environment, moving easily from inside to outside spaces, and mingling with fellow patrons while enjoying outstanding live theatre and special events.

We found it exciting to drill down into what it is about Bard that makes it beloved in Vancouver, and how to convey that to people who haven’t yet discovered the unique Bard experience. We also wanted to create a design system to express all the ways Shakespeare’s work is interpreted and produced by Bard’s talented team. Our research and every design discovery we made led us to the tent, its iconic location and the performances inside it.

Photographer—David Cooper


About Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival

Bard on the Beach is one of Canada’s largest not-for-profit, professional Shakespeare festivals. Established in 1990, the annual summer festival’s mission is to perform, explore and celebrate the genius of William Shakespeare, surrounded by the natural beauty of Vancouver, British Columbia. The 2018 Festival will run in Vanier Park from June 6 to September 22. Bard also offers year-round education and training programs for youth, adults and theatre professionals in its administrative home at the BMO Theatre Centre in Olympic Village as well as in schools and community facilities throughout the Lower Mainland.


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Full Colour Logo

Bard on the Beach Logo

Reversed Logo

Bard on the Beach Logo - Dark

Before and After

Bard on the Beach - Before and After

Bard on the Beach - Business Card

Envelope Design

Bard on the Beach - Envelope

Bard on the Beach - Print Collateral

House Program 'As You Like It' Cover

Bard on the Beach - Program

House Program 'Macbeth' Cover

Bard on the Beach - Program

Bard on the Beach - Posters

Season Brochure 'As You Like It' Cover

Bard on the Beach - Brochure

Season Brochure 'Macbeth' Cover

Bard on the Beach - Brochure

Pop-Up Banners

Bard on the Beach - Banners

Bard Education Logo

Bard on the Beach - Education Logo

Bard on the Beach - Education
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