BC Place

As British Columbia’s premier venue for live events BC Place strives to make every aspect of the guest experience memorable and first class. In 2014 BC Place identified the need to provide a better and more value-added food and beverage experience for their guests. Fortunately for us, they brought us on board to re-brand their entire concession program, which included not only naming and branding, but development signage, surface graphics and packaging. To date we have helped relaunch or launch seven unique brands, including craft beer at the Thirsty Pigeon and authentic street food at Boom! Kitchen.

Our Services



Environmental signage


Photography Art Direction

Packaging Design

Logomark - The Thirsty Pigeon

food stall branding

Environment Design - The Thirsty Pigeon

food stall design for the thirsty pigeon

Wall Wrap - The Thirsty Pigeon

wall wrap decal for the thirsty pigeon

Brand Motif - The Thirsty Pigeon

packaging for the thirsty pigeon

Logomark - Dawson's Hot Dogs

logomark for dawson's hot dogs

Brand Motif - Dawson's Hot Dogs

packaging for dawson's hot dogs

Logomark - Beast on Fire

branding for beast on fire at BC place

Environment Design - Beast on Fire

environment design for beast on fire

Concession Decal - Beast on Fire

Concession branding for beast on fire

Brand Motif - Beast on Fire

packaging for beast on fire

Brand Motif - The Poutinerie

packaging for fast food the poutinerie

Logomark - Boom Kitchen

logomark for boom kitchen

Concession Stall - Boom Kitchen

concession stall branding boom kitchen

Concession Decal - Boom Kitchen

concession details for boom kitchen

Brand Motif - Boom Kitchen

packaging design for boom kitchen bc place

Logomark - Commercial Drive Pizza

logomark design branding for commercial drive pizza

Brand Motif - Commercial Drive Pizza

packaging design for commerical drive pizza

Logomark - Lionsgate Grill

logomark for lionsgate grill

Concession Details - Lionsgate Grill

concession branding for lionsgate grill

Brand Motif - Lionsgate Grill

brand motif packaging for lionsgate grill
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