Collaborative Companies

Referred by another client, this group of architects/builders/developers reached out to us, asking us to create a new brand and website for them. Our only mandatory was to include a tree as part of the new brand, as it is integral to the story of Collaborative.

Collaborative Company is made up of two essential disciplines: Architecture and Construction. These two practices work together to produce something much greater: a full-service team. We designed an iconic logomark that represents a tree and its roots to illustrate strength, beauty and collaboration between two unique but essential halves.

Once the brand was approved, the new visual identity was applied into a beautiful, simple, and easily functional website (, perfectly translating the brand for the digital realm.


About the client

Collaboration is the core of exceptional design. We bring together experts in the built environment to provide excellence in design, construction and development.

Together, as a family, we create inspired spaces that transform modern living and facilitate community in urban environments. Guided by our principles of order, character and harmony, we arrive at unique solutions that often surpass expectations.

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