Paxson Fay

For these two vibrant and inspiring women, we designed an identity that was simple, modern, meaningful and elegant. We  bridged the gap between high design and fun & levity. We designed both a wordmark and a monogram; the professional-feeling wordmark displays the duality of the company, while the monogram gives the ability to add fun to their design collateral.

The objective of the website ( was to project a fun, positive, vibrant and engaging presence while also coming across as very professional and polished. We created an easy-to-explore website that allows the content to stand out. The design functions similar to a one-page website, uniquely navigating between three main focuses: Tessa and Amy, Case Studies and Paxson Fay’s Marketing and Public Relations services.

Using bold sans-serif headlines and a sense of editorial professionalism, we created the perfect balance between visual aesthetics and an engaging typographic system.



About the client

Paxson Fay is a full-service marketing and communications firm, specializing in architecture, design and arts industries. Their demographic includes experts in the A + D community: Architects and Designers. Paxson Fay is focused on doing PR through events and social media.

Our Services




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