Vancouver International Airport Annual Report

YVR is an airport everyone in British Columbia can be proud of. It is a global gateway, an economic generator and a community leader. The 2016 Annual and Sustainability Report summarizes all the economic and business activities of the Vancouver International Airport. However, more than this, it demonstrates YVR’s relentless commitment to sustainability, which goes beyond the environment, and encompasses YVR’s business, community, and infrastructure. As the 2016 report was the most robust ever produced by YVR, Carter Hales developed a creative platform that acted as a window (a plane window) into every detail of the organization. Large, full-page photos capture the spirit of how YVR is much more than the physical structure – it is the airplanes, employees and leadership, outreach, community involvement, and environmental stewardship.

To support the full report, Carter Hales also developed digital graphics for use on, as well as one – and four-page newspaper inserts, which were a highlights versions of the full report.

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