Vancouver International Airport

In 2006 team members from Carter Hales undertook the journey to rebrand YVR, and in 2007 it was officially launched. 2017 marks the 10-year anniversary, and a chance to reflect on its real world success.

The YVR brand has grown and evolved immensely since 2007, through the physical growth of the airport, yearly passenger count and its economic and social importance to Metro Vancouver, BC, and Canada. The logo and visual brand, ten years later, still embodies and aligns with the spirit and characteristics of Vancouver International Airport (the physical space) and the Vancouver Airport Authority (The people). It is as relevant and fitting now as it was first revealed in 2007.

We are proud to still be working with YVR after all of these years and continue to be engaged with executing the brand on a wide variety of projects.



It is the second busiest airport in Canada by aircraft movements and passengers, behind Toronto Pearson International Airport. It has non-stop flights daily to Asia, Europe, Oceania, the United States, Mexico and other airports within Canada. The airport has won several notable international best airport awards; it won the Skytrax Best North American Airport award in 2007 and 2010 through 2017.

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